MisShapes to World: End Hipster Profiling

The MisShapes

Yeah, that’s right, that’s you they’re pouting at.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Hipster spokesmen the MisShapes want you to stop stereotyping their people. “If you’re wearing black pants and shaggy hair you’re automatically a ‘hipster,’” MisShape member Leigh Lazark complains to Daily Intel. “I think it’s just as offensive as calling somebody ‘bridge and tunnel,’” adds Geordon Nicol. The pair are out and about promoting their eponymous book, which has sold out after just a day on sales racks. “They’re on their second order!” Nicol told us. We kind of love that a gang of people who just released a coffee table book about hipsters doesn’t want you to lump them all together. For what is a hipster, if not counterintuitive? —Maggie Gray

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MisShapes to World: End Hipster Profiling