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Murdoch Mulls the Liberation of

• Murdoch is hinting heavily that he’ll take free, but Dow Jones CEO Richard Zannino doesn’t think it’s such a great idea. [WSJ]
• Well, we’ll be — Portfolio pulling down pretty good ad pages. [NYP]
• Roger Ailes, former CNBC president now with Fox Business Network, making many CNBCers interested in switching teams. It may be many things, but it won’t be boring! [NYO]

• Alan Greenspan’s not so polite when the interviewer’s not his wife. Last night he told Jon Stewart: “I think you better reread my book.” [Real Time Economic/WSJ]
• “The Fed now has a third problem to deal with: They have become Wall Street’s bitch. They may find that’s a difficult condition to wriggle out from.” Sweet! [DealBreaker]
• How to quit your job at UBS: “I’m leaving the bank now … It’s 6:43 a.m. on a Sunday, and I have at least 14 more hours of work to do today that will not be fulfilling, useful, appreciated, recognized, or paid for. … There is no happiness here.” [DealBreaker]

• Sullivan & Cromwell is trying to shore up its old homo-friendly image, recently tarnished with the Aaron Charney sexual-harassment case, by handing out free sets of Kiehl’s products at gay-lawyer job fairs. [Above the Law]
• Bill Lerach’s guilty plea in the long-running Milberg Weiss investigation gives prosecutors another big notch in their belt. But is Lerach getting off a little easy? [NYT, Law Blog/WSJ]
• Diana Johnson, a State Supreme Court Justice, won the Democratic primary for a Surrogate Court judgeship in Brooklyn.[NYT]

• Roberto Cavalli appears in the ads for his H&M line, surrounded by leopard, corsets, and ruffled halter tops. Classy! Or, well, at least consistent. [WWD]
• Taking a cue from past Heatherette shows, invitees at Sinha-Stanic in London rushed the entrance, nearly knocking over a wall. [Fashionista]
• Is Nordstrom’s finally opening a store here? They’re reportedly eyeing the Drake Hotel. We may not need another department store, but we do need their unbelievably forgiving return policy. [Shophound]

Murdoch Mulls the Liberation of