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Murray Hill: From Deer to Drunks

Murray Hill

If you look really closely, you can see a Gray’s, Shanna Ravindra

To think, 400 years ago, instead of drunken ex–frat boys from Penn puking up Wild Turkey, there were actual wild turkeys roving around Murray Hill. The New Yorker’s Website today has some very cool computer-generated images of Manhattan circa 1609, to go with a long story that you will probably never get around to reading on the Wildlife Conservation Society’s effort to figure out what Manhattan might have looked like in the days before skyscrapers and fake Irish bars. (Or, we should say, “Mannahatta,” as the Lenape called it. It means the “land of many hills.” Oh wise Lenape, early adopters of real-estate broker-speak.)

Mapping Mannahatta [NYer]

Murray Hill: From Deer to Drunks