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New ‘Insider’ Anchor Accused of Having Hot, Naked Body

The mystery man

Photo Courtesy Kenneth in the 212

It’s hard to be a celebrity correspondent. Former CNN anchor (and certified hottie) Thomas Roberts just got a big new job, co-hosting The Insider, and now people all over the Internets are claiming they’ve found naked pictures of him on, a gay cruising site. For the record, heads are cropped off in the shots, and quite frankly we’re not sure we believe it’s him. Nobody in television news has pecs like that. If it is Roberts, memo to Anderson Cooper — it’s time to add push-ups and sit-ups to your gym routine. And, um, squats.

Update: Roberts addressed the images in an interview in The Advocate in May: “I never put inappropriate pictures of myself on a public website,” he told the magazine.
Just Asking [Kenneth in the 212] via [Jossip]
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New ‘Insider’ Anchor Accused of Having Hot, Naked Body