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‘Observer’ Writer Lives the Dream

Spencer Morgan

Spencer Morgan, looking all Richard Johnson.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Oh, Spencer Morgan. You aspiring rake, you. For today’s Observer, the Transom writer somehow convinced his editors that spending the day in a model’s apartment would further the cause of journalism. Upon visiting one of the residences, where foreign models all bunk together during Fashion Week, he learns from 17-year-old Russian Nastya Zhelkovskaya that she’s “never had such a nice bathroom!” (“It was a perfectly decent bathroom,” Morgan observes dryly.) After frolicking with Nastya and a handful of other underage beauties (Russians! Brazilians! Twix!) for the day, Morgan notices that he’s been left alone in the living room. “Soon excited chatter and giggling began to emanate from a closed door down the hall,” Morgan says, closing the article. Wait, are we to infer the models are giddily discussing his charms? Deciding amongst themselves who gets to bed him? Or did Morgan merely commit that most basic of all Fashion Week fouls — farting in a room full of models?

Princesses of Prince Street [NYO]

‘Observer’ Writer Lives the Dream