O.J. Simpson Shows the Goldmans the Money


Yeah. We’re tired of all this, too.Photo: Getty Images

Hey – did you hear O.J. Simpson got in trouble again? Yeah, apparently some bad mojo went down in Vegas. The whole mess began when Simpson tried to get back some personal memorabilia that had been taken from him and then was accused of armed robbery. Oddly enough, the stuff (a Hall of Fame plaque, a signed photo of Simpson and J. Edgar Hoover, and some signed footballs) was originally removed from his house to keep it away from the family of murder victim Ron Goldman, says the Daily News. The family is owed $38 million by Simpson, and a friend says Simpson’s cohorts were trying to keep the memorabilia from being sold off to help pay the debt. Which is funny, since in trying to get it back, O.J. has inadvertently thrown even more money into the Goldmans’ coffers.

Headlines in every major American newspaper since Friday and constant coverage of the alleged burglary attempt have instantly reignited interest in Simpson, exactly one day after the book If I Did It hit stands. Proceeds from the book sales, which details how Simpson may have murdered Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson, go to the Goldman family. The book was already at No. 1 on booksellers and last week before it was even released, and this latest scandal is only helping. “It’s disturbing, but probably true that O.J. Simpson’s arrest could spur sales,” Sara Nelson, editor of Publishers Weekly. “Especially for potential book buyers who have had any doubt that he had a tendency to break the law.” And you thought he wouldn’t get them the money.

O.J. Simpson Booked, Faces ‘A Lot of Time’ in Sin City Stickup [NYDN]

O.J. Simpson Shows the Goldmans the Money