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Paula Zahn Has a Lot of Outfits to Not Wear on TV

Paula Zahn

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Paula Zahn and her estranged husband Richard Cohen continue to air their dirty laundry in the press — and this time, it’s expensive. In response to Zahn’s accusations that Cohen mishandled her money while they were married, the real-estate mogul claims that Zahn usually spent more than her annual income on luxuries like clothes and a $20 million Connecticut mansion. One of Cohen’s ubiquitous “friends” told the Daily News that the former CNN anchor spent nearly $2 million on clothes. That’s a thousand $2,000 dresses a year! It seems a little outrageous, even for someone as famous and important as a cable-news personality. Unless, of course, she’s buying outfits for her own dozens and dozens of “friends” who spend all their time talking to the tabloids.

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Paula Zahn Has a Lot of Outfits to Not Wear on TV