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Roger Brings Fashion to Its Feet

Anna and Roger, Sitting in a Tree

Anna Wintour and Roger Federer at the tents
last year. Since they both change haircuts so
frequently, there’s no telling what they looked like
this year.Photo: Getty Images

This just in from the tents — Anna Wintour brought Roger Federer (you remember her fevered crush on him?) to the Oscar de la Renta show this afternoon, where the Polyphonic Spree played [Ed. note: WTF?]. Federer, who triumphed over Novak Djokovic yesterday in the Men’s Final at the U.S. Open, got a standing ovation upon arrival. Now, we’re pretty sure that these fashion people didn’t even know there was a sporting event going on elsewhere in the city last week, so it makes us wonder: Did Anna send out a memo in advance? That’s a risky maneuver among all those models near the end of Fashion Week. Clapping, after all, could burn all the calories they have left.

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Roger Brings Fashion to Its Feet