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Rudy and Hillary Consider Fisticuffs

Meet me at the bike racks. And bring your friends.”Photo:Getty Images

Usually, when politicians get in little catfights — like Reagan and Tip O’Neill — you can sort of tell that behind the vitriol, they’re secretly buddies and afterward will probably, you know, retire to some to damask-covered room where they’ll drink cognac and smoke cigars and chuckle about how awesome it is to be in power. But with Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, it’s so not like that.

We’re not saying this just because Hillary doesn’t quite seem like the convivial-boozing type. Judging from the way Rudy jumped on her yesterday after she expressed a tiny amount of skepticism about General Petraeus’s report, what with his over-the-top follow-up ad and his attempt to link Hillary to a possibly offensive ad, Rudy actually totally loathes (and probably fears) his onetime rival for the Senate seat. And considering Hillary’s response to the matter, a vaguely exasperated-sounding statement which more or less dismisses Rudy as a silly little man, these two aren’t going to be getting together to play bridge anytime soon. If things get any nastier, he’ll be siccing Judi on her in no time.

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Rudy and Hillary Consider Fisticuffs