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Rupert Murdoch Inspires ‘Journal’ Employees to Hang Protest Art

Wanted: Dead or Alive

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Having no respect for the need for American journalists to slowly ease into post–August reality, today Rupert Murdoch is scheduled to visit the newsroom of his latest toy acquisition, the Wall Street Journal. Some posters taped up to welcome him (see pic) were torn down over the weekend. Gawker reports that in a fit of anticipatory excitement, Markets reporter (and union strongarm) Jim “ES” Browning sent out the following e-mail this morning:

Perhaps in honor of the fact that Rupert Murdoch is expected to inspect his new domain today (even before he has paid for it…), someone has ripped down most of the Show Us The Money signs that we had so assiduously posted. It would be a shame for Mr. Murdoch to miss seeing our work. So I have attached links to the signs. If everyone would just put up a few around his or her cube, and on the overhead lights, and on the walls, we can hope that Mr. Murdoch will be properly welcomed. If you use extra tape, they will be harder to rip down.

Sounds like someone’s trying to throw Rupe a welcome party! But NB to enthusiastic staffers: Be sure not to abuse your Scotch-tape privileges, lest Rupert take them away.

WSJ’ Rank and File Protest Murdoch’s Visit With Neat Posters [Gawker]

Rupert Murdoch Inspires ‘Journal’ Employees to Hang Protest Art