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So Hsu Her

Norman Hsu

Dude, try bangs.Photo: Getty Images

We’ve been ignoring this offensively wonky Hillary Clinton story until now, but today it’s just gotten too good. Hillary woke up a tiny bit poorer this morning after her campaign gave up $850,000 worth of campaign contributions that came via Norman Hsu, the mysterious fund-raiser/consultant who ended up in jail last week. Hsu was arrested in Colorado when he became ill on an Amtrak train, which he was riding because he was attempting to evade a court appearance in which he’d be charged with fraud for running a Ponzi scheme back in 1992. A generally mysterious and fascinating character, Hsu had, according to the Times, a “luxury apartment” in Soho, a business partner with the hilarious name of Winkle Paw, and a huge amount of money he liked to give to Democrats. It’s unclear what the source of Mr. Hsu’s wealth was, although he does appear to be stashing something in his giant forehead. We expect/hope more nutjobness will ensue.

Clinton’s Campaign to Return $850,000 [WP]

So Hsu Her