The Invisible Touch


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Sometimes, in New York, concert tickets are hard to get. So hard, in fact, that music fans are forced to go to great lengths to get them. As one Daily Intel reader noted, this seems to be the case for one die-hard Genesis fanatic who is desperate to gain access to tonight’s show at Giants Stadium. So desperate, in fact, that he put up a post on Craigslist, artfully titled: “I Will Blow You for Genesis Tickets.”

From the post:

predictably, there exists an substantial and understandable demand for tickets at this point. genesis is, after all, the originators of moody, simple, keyboard-driven melodies. that’s why they call themselves genesis … because it means “the beginning.” in biblical terms mind you! who didn’t get moist the first time they heard “invisible touch?” i sure did.

Most of the rest of the text is unspeakably filthy and probably completely fake. But there are people in this world for whom the song “Something Happened on the Way to Heaven” brings them a little bit closer to that very place. The thought of personally witnessing another fabled “In the Air Tonight” confrontation might just be enough to make an allegedly straight person turn gay for a few moments. So, in the spirit of community, and the universal understanding of our less fortunate friends (as Genesis so wisely advised in “Another Day in Paradise”), we appeal to you our readers. Anyone got tickets? E-mail us at Do it out of compassion, because after getting the other reward, we’re guessing you’ll be feeling empty and cheap.

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The Invisible Touch