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Todd P Needs YOU

Hipster kid

Just taking some time to think about what I want to do.Photo: Courtesy of Todd P.

Indie concert promoter Todd Patrick, known in young Brooklyn-ish circles as Todd P., is looking for interns to help run his burgeoning empire. Because free labor is, like, the DIY way, you know? (That’s Do-It-Yourself to you old heads.) The Toddmeister’s looking for “peeps” who “love independent music and DIY ethics” have copyediting experience (snarf) and who also happen to “own a laptop” and “aren’t working another serious job.” In other words, trust-fund hipsters or liberal-arts majors who don’t have to put in hours at the library in order to pay for their books (Mr. P will sign off on college credit!). Fortunately for Todd P, it’s September, and Lord knows there are plenty of those around.

His e-mail is after the jump.

Subject: INTERN/VOLUNTEER for Todd P or Showpaper?

coupla announcements -

it’s that time of year - I’M LOOKING FOR NEW INTERNS / VOLUNTEERS!

Looking for people who love independent music & DIY ethics, plus own a
laptop & aren’t working another serious job or internship already. Looking
for 15-20 hours p/week, & at least a 3 month commitment.

I will sign off on course credit, & give preference to students who can get

If you’re interested, hit me back w/ a short email describing why you’re
qualified why you’re interested your understanding of what it is I/we
do. Include a resume, formal or informal, & send it all back to this address
w/ “INTERN/VOLUNTEER” in the subject line. - feel free to fwd this around!


also - SHOWPAPER is looking for new interns / volunteers too!

If you’re interested, they’re looking for the same time commitments I am,
plus especially looking for peeps w/ copy editing, layout, fundraising, or
grant writing experience. They’re also looking for distro help in NJ, CT,
LI, & upstate the 5 boroughs - particularly distro peeps w/ access to a

Showpaper is also looking for folks who can help to get papers into the
schools in the area - if you can help we’d love to hear about it.

Same deal as above, send in an email a resume of some kind, w/


Todd P Needs YOU