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Tom Freston Once Again the Pea to Sumner Redstone’s Princess

Tom Freston

That’s right, the hair’s real. And it’s spectacular.Photo: Getty Images

We’re guessing Tom Freston is trying to stifle a smile as he sweats in his private ashram today, what with the news spreading that he was just appointed to the board of DreamWorks Animation. The powerful studio makes megapopular children’s movies like Shark Tale and the Shrek series, which are in turn marketed and distributed by Paramount. Paramount, you may recall, was under Freston’s purview when he was co-president of Viacom (before he was ousted in 2006). The appointment is a “clear act of defiance against Viacom,” explains Variety, as Freston will now have a hand in the future of the company. DreamWorks animation, while distributed by Viacom, is a publicly traded studio and therefore free of the corporate giant’s control. Which is all well and good for Freston, but we’re more excited about what this means for DreamWorks. Freston knows a lot about the “kids these days” from his years at MTV, which is what the company needs. We don’t know if we could take another Bee Movie–type publicity blitz.

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Tom Freston Once Again the Pea to Sumner Redstone’s Princess