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Trump to Offend Yet Another One of Your Senses

Donald Trump

You, too, can live like The Donald. Only hopefully
less orangely.Photo: Getty Images

Today, Donald Trump joins the ranks fellow one-named megalomaniacs Rachel, Oprah, Martha, and his very special friend Rosie with his very own magazine. This is not Trump’s first time, mind you. In the past he helmed Trump Style and Trump World. But both of those were distributed to residents of his hotels and residences only. This time the magazine called, simply, Trump will be distributed to the populace with the help of Ocean Drive Media Group. the nation’s premier purveyors of wealthporn. What will Trump cover? Well, in the first issue, they are planning features on Guantánamo and Pakistan’s political future. Only kidding!

The magazine’s bailiwick will of course be Trumpish things. Editor Glenn Albin told the Times today that it will be concerned with “private jets, the interiors of the new jets, new lines of Louis Vuitton luggage, Mikimoto pearls, stories on very high-end jewelry like Cartier, travel around the world, golf clubs, fashion,” etc., nouveau riche, etc. Shouldn’t have a hard time finding advertisers for that. Some wonder whether Trump will appear on the cover of Trump. “Only if they want to sell a lot of magazines,” Mr. Trump tells the Times. But what if they want to sell ads? “Luxury advertisers just avoid him like the plague,” a former Trump executive tells Crain’s. We suggest just a pretty picture of Ivanka, then. Without her dad. Their father-daughter “closeness” is really starting to give us the creeps.

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Trump to Offend Yet Another One of Your Senses