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Trump Triumphs Over Soho, Tumbles Under O’Donnell

Donald Trump

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Donald Trump comes out a winner and a loser in the Post today. It’s reported that the city will back his 46-story condo-hotel in Soho, despite neighborhood protests that it will change the character of the area and that it violates zoning laws. The building is already eleven stories high, and Trump says, “it will be one of the finest buildings of its kind anywhere in the world.” Which is all great and happy-making, but we’re a little disappointed with his performance in his latest spat with former View host Rosie O’Donnell. “Page Six” reports that in O’Donnell’s book, Celebrity Detox, she takes some potshots at the real-estate mogul. She calls him “a slug,” “a torn scarecrow,” and “wrinkled, old and empty, with a Jell-O orange combover.” Pretty poetic imagery! But all that the usually verbose Trump can come up with in response was “Rosie is a loser and a very sad case — unattractive both inside and out. I’ll wager my book sells a lot more than hers.” Oh, come on! It’s Monday morning. At least call her fat!

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Trump Triumphs Over Soho, Tumbles Under O’Donnell