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Tuesdays With Morley

Morley Safer

Morley teaches us lessons about Life.Photo: AFP/Getty Images

You know how, even in a city as big as New York, there’s that one person you always run into? New York has that, only our guy is 60 Minutes host Morley Safer, who is quite the man-about-town. We saw Morley last Tuesday at the Feast of Love screening, and then ran into him again at the Met Opera last night, where he told us a wonderful little story about back in the day.

At 60 Minutes I lost it [laughing] half a dozen times. Once I fell asleep in the middle of an interview. The guy I was interviewing … I’m not going to mention. He was a very prominent retired spymaster. He insisted I have a couple of whiskeys, but I’d been flying for twelve hours and driving for four. The cameraman pulled his arm around the camera and pulled my ear. I woke up — and collapsed again. He didn’t notice. A dotty old Englishman.

We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty sure we learned something about Life from this. —Tim Murphy

Tuesdays With Morley