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Vox Populi: The Boerum Hill Breakup

Heath and Michelle

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams, in happier times.Photo: Patrick McMullan

As the end of the day nears, it’s time we assessed the people’s reaction to New York’s biggest news of the holiday weekend, the breakup of Brooklyn Über-couple Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams. We have our own opinions on the matter (read a couple that never, ever looks happy might actually not be), but on this we’ll turn to the experts – the commenters on the Us Weekly blog, which broke the news. Their words of wisdom after the jump, God bless ’em.

• “Women shouldnt have babies with men that dont want babies. its obvious it wont keep a man with you anyways. you just end up wrecking a babies life. Some men are meant to be loners all their lifes.” [Ed. Note: sic, sic, sic, sic]


• “Yet another C-list actress trying to get a paycheck in Hollywood the only way she knows how — getting knocked up by a wealthy man. I wonder if she filled Bridget in on how to survive when you can’t act for crap?” [Ed. Note: Get it? Model/actress Bridget Moynihan got preggers after Tom Brady dumped her? Burn!]

• “I knew they were doomed when they named their daughter Mathilda.”

• “‘Cute together’ is rarely an accurate predictor of successful relationships.” [Ed. Note: So true!]


• “What, is he borrowing David Spade’s clothing?”

• “I would totally do Anne Heche.”

From the mouths of babes. Us Weekly blogger Noelle Hancock, on her personal site, points out the upside of all of this. We will finally get to see Michelle head-on again!

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Vox Populi: The Boerum Hill Breakup