Who Collects Trump Water? Harry Potter, That’s Who!

Trump and Radcliffe

Photo: Getty Images

Daniel Radcliffe, taking a break from wizarding to star in December Boys, has been exporting small quantities of Donald Trump’s bottled water. In the middle of an interview last week at the Trump International Hotel, where he stayed during a promotion blitz for his new indie film, the diminutive Brit heartthrob whipped out a bottle of Trump Ice, whose label boasts a big fat photo of the mogul’s face and a cheesy coat of arms. “Trump Ice, right here, Trump Ice. You can taste the Donald,” Radcliffe told New York, presenting the container with a swig and a flourish of his pale hand. “I love the coat of arms. Last time I was here, I took about six of these bottles home. I emptied all the liquid out because you can’t take it through Customs anymore. I just took them home because they were hilarious.” That’s 100 points from Gryffindor for propagating the Trump brand. —Mina Hochberg


Who Collects Trump Water? Harry Potter, That’s Who!