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Air America Host Randi Rhodes Mugged?

• Air America talk-show host Randi Rhodes was assaulted on Park Avenue last night while walking her dog? [Gawker]
• Jack Shafer investigates the billionaires behind ProPublica, the newly established New York–based investigative-journalism nonprofit led by former Journal managing editor Paul Steiger. Surprise, they’re big Democratic donors. [Slate]
• Howard Kurtz took the nonstop promotion of his gossipy new book to its logical conclusion, interviewing himself on his own CNN show. [HuffPo]

• Deutsche Bank analyst Michael Mayo took it to Chuck Prince in the Citigroup conference call, basically asking why the hell he still has a job. Makes you wonder whether Sandy Weill, as has been rumored on the Street, chose Prince for his successor just so Citi would fail and Weill could feel needed. [Deal Journal/WSJ, DealBreaker]
• Morgan Stanley vice-chairman Robert Kindler on the private-equity “boom”: “When you net out all the profit versus all the losses, Wall Street hasn’t made money, it’s lost money.” [Deal Journal/WSJ]
• Henry Paulson, Treasury secretary and former Goldman homeboy, has been trying to whip top banks into shape and make them take responsibility for the credit crisis. Too bad the $100 billion bailout the banks announced looks like nothing but hype. [NYT, DealBook/NYT]

• Two more defendants in the landmark Milberg Weiss case pleaded not guilty, though Seymour Lazar, an 80-year-old accused of receiving class-action kickbacks, later turned around and reached a plea deal with prosecutors. [NYT, Law Blog/WSJ]
• For their 60th anniversary, Skadden is supposedly putting together a little partner video. Can’t wait till it leaks to YouTube. [Skadden Insider]
• As of this January, Boalt Hall will be no more. The school paid $25,000 to a consultant to come up with their oh-so-original new name: UC Berkeley School of Law. [Law Blog/WSJ]

• Rolex got kudos on its Website from Forrester Research for conveying its brand image. Translation: The site is fancy and expensive. [WWD]
• Okay, it’s official: Thakoon is designing for Hogan. [British Vogue]
• Isaac Mizrahi’s back on TV, producing a show called The Collection. Catfights! Models! Isaac! We’re in heaven. [Fashionista]

Air America Host Randi Rhodes Mugged?