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Ally Hilfiger Says She’s Not Rich, But She Is Brain-Dead

Ally Hilfiger

Ally Hilfiger is not a rich girl,
she just played one on TV. Photo: WireImage

Tommy Hilfiger’s daughter Ally isn’t just a Rich Girl. Honest! “It’s a label I’ve been trying to run away from my entire life. It isn’t who I am!” the former star of MTV’s Rich Girls told Page Six Magazine this weekend, in an excruciating cover story that exists for reasons totally unclear, since 22-year-old Ally isn’t really up to much of anything these days, and in fact may never do anything again. “You know what’s cool? I don’t have to work, because I saved a lot of money from summer jobs and from the MTV show,” she tells the magazine. Mm-hmm. She did work once though, on a show for Plum TV. “I might have gotten paid for it,” she says. “I don’t remember. My memory’s very poor. I’m so brain-dead. This is why people shouldn’t smoke pot.” Ha! But if Ally’s not just a Rich Girl, then who is she?

• Ally is multifaceted. This was a problem when she attended the Professional Children’s School, where everyone was really, like, single-minded. “Everyone at PCS had one talent. You were an actor, or a ballerina … but I had many different talents,” she told the magazine. For instance, she helped a filmmaker at school make her movie about an African-American regiment during World War II “younger” and “fresher.” Also, she got her dad to finance it.

• Ally is a painter. “I do a lot of different versions of the number 8,” she said.

• Being on Rich Girls made her feel bad. “I felt really really alone,” she said. “I did not want to be alive.” But she didn’t want to quit and disappoint her dad, who said it was a great “opportunity” and she’d be “really stupid” not to do it, or her friend Jamie Gleisher, even though her friends say Jamie was using her.

• Even though Ally is “not emotionally strong,” she no longer allows herself to be used by people. “If anyone asks me to drop my name to get them in someplace — no. I still work on picking those people out of my life.”

• Also, Ally’s father recently hired Ally’s boyfriend, Jason Rowe, a British singer-songwriter in his thirties who lives in Berlin but stays with her when he comes to New York, to do music for a perfume campaign.

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Ally Hilfiger Says She’s Not Rich, But She Is Brain-Dead