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Amy Fisher Knows a Few Things About Forgiveness

Amy Fisher

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A few things that are awesome about Amy Fisher:

1. At age 33, the Post is still calling her “The Long Island Lolita.”
2. And why not? After two kids, she has amazing abs (see left)!
3. It appears that the homemade porno Amy made with her husband, stills of which appear on the Post’s Website today, has “scenes.” In fact, it looks like it might even be the kind of porno that has a plot.

4. Amy forgives her husband, Lou Bellera, for selling the tape to Red Light District Video a few months ago, after she briefly left him for Joey Buttafuoco. Lou says he sold the tape out of “the heat of anger and passion,” which was not dissimilar to what Amy said when she shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco in the head, back in 1992. They’re so in sync, right?! “We’ve been together for so many years, and had so many ups and downs,” Amy tells the Post of her and Lou’s relationship. Adds a “family friend,” TV producer David Krieff, “My heart goes out to any couple that felt love and then the pain of divorce. You hate each other, and anything can happen.” Yeah, especially when you are married to a woman who once shot another woman in the head.
5. Amy is still saying with a straight face that she never meant for the tape to get out.
6. She shot a woman in the head fifteen years ago and managed to turn that incident into a career.

Actually, that last one is not an awesome thing about Amy Fisher. It’s an awesome thing about America.

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Amy Fisher Knows a Few Things About Forgiveness