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Angry Andy Takes On Al!

Al and Andy

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Is it possible? Is Andrew Cuomo doing something admirable? Even though he’s political allies with Al Sharpton, the attorney general is calling out the Reverend for failing to file financial statements with the A.G.’s Charity Bureau. In New York, Sharpton is so influential that he generally does what he wants without any kind of criticism or scrutiny (heard anybody talking about Tawana Brawley lately?). But his National Action Network has failed to file statements for years, keeping its income, salaries, and expenses a secret from the government. Sharpton blames an electrical fire in the charity’s offices in 2003, which destroyed many records, but if Cuomo pursues this with the righteous zeal which he’s lately been trying to make his trademark, we hope to learn a little bit more about the enigma that is Al Sharpton. After tilting at some windmills, Cuomo’s finally found a tabloid-worthy target that is interesting and politically risky. Somebody give his PR people a raise!

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Angry Andy Takes On Al!