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At Last, Clarity on Bloomberg’s Presidential Plans

Mayor Bloomberg

Mayor Bloomberg with a woman named Martha Nelson. We have no idea what he’s thinking here, but it may or may not have to do with potentially considering a run for president.Photo: Getty Images

So we haven’t dragged you through the whole is-he-or-isn’t-he drama of Bloomberg’s presidential aspirations lately, but today we just can’t help it. Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey, Hizzoner’s political guru, opened up about the whole fiasco with, and his statements hardly clarify anything. It was Sheekey’s original daydream that Mayor Mike would run for president, after he was reelected in 2005, and he still thinks he’s the only man for the job. “I mean the truth is, I think he is the ideal, if not the only, choice for a credible third-party candidate,” he said. So wait, sorry, but no really, is he or isn’t he going to run for president?

Hey listen, I talked about that the other day. Barack Obama wasn’t running for president. “I’m not running,” he said over and over, right? Then Barack Obama went on Meet the Press. Tim Russert said “Are you running for president?” Barack Obama said “I’m running for president.” Tim said “What changed?” he said, “I changed my mind. Okay. Now let’s talk about health care.” The thing about running for president is it makes sense if it makes sense. If there’s a reason for you to run, and there’s a constituency that’s calling for you, and you have real ideas, then people will support you. And if not, they won’t. I have not heard anyone in six months run around talking about Barack Obama saying, “He swore he wasn’t going to run.” ’Cause no one cares. They care about what he’s going to do for the country.

Fucking hell.

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At Last, Clarity on Bloomberg’s Presidential Plans