Blair Waldorf Had Breakfast at Bendel, Not Tiffany’s

Gossip Girl

Wait, are you sure she’s at Bendel?Photo Courtesy CW and TiVO

Earlier today we posted an item that suggested that in Blair’s dream sequence during Gossip Girl last night, she was paying a visit to Tiffany & Company. She was, after all, dressed as Holly Golightly. But readers were quick to correct us, pointing out that it was Henri Bendel where the opening scene was shot. Or was it Bergdorf? We were très confused. All the mixed Fifth Avenue metaphors! But now the verdict is in: As you can see from the above photo, the store in question was Bendel. It’s “the same place they went in the 1st episode, where Dan and Serena met the first time,” explained reader Emily, patiently. “Bendel’s is Serena’s favorite store she says!” Well, then, it’s settled. Until next week, here’s to caviar wishes and DVR dreams!

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Blair Waldorf Had Breakfast at Bendel, Not Tiffany’s