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Bob Guccione to ‘Discover’ What the Shaft Feels Like

Bob Guccioni

Yep, that’s still Bob Guccione Jr.Photo: Getty Images

Remember when we told you about Bob Guccione Jr.’s oddly unscientific ideas and his unorthodox human-resources management at Discover magazine? Well, apparently all that caught up with him, and his own financial backers ousted him as CEO of Discover Media. Keith Kelly reports that Guccione didn’t provide the growth he promised when he took over, so other shareholders pressured him out (he’ll remain as an owner and board chairman). “I want to find another media company to turn around,” he told Kelly. “I feel I’ve done 90 percent of what I set out to do to revitalize this magazine.” That’s all well and good, but here’s what we’re wondering: Like his fired employees, did the Gooch have to find out his job was up for grabs by reading about it on Mediabistro?

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Bob Guccione to ‘Discover’ What the Shaft Feels Like