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Bob Guccione Jr. Prefers Backdoor Approach to Firing

Bob Guccione Jr.

So that’s where Ahmadinejad gets them.Photo: Getty Images

Imagine having a job post on forwarded to you that fit your skills exactly, and looked for just your level of qualifications. It would be splendid, right? But when that happened recently to Tina Wooden, the managing editor of Discover magazine, it wasn’t so sweet. The listing turned out to be for the job she currently had. We hear Wooden only found out that she was about to lose her editorship when her boss, Discover owner Bob Guccione Jr., started openly advertising for a replacement. Upon learning this, Wooden cracked to a co-worker, “After a year at this job, I’m glad to finally see in writing what my job description is!” Oh, job-ending subterfuge can be so hilarious. This isn’t the first time Gooch’s employees have found out that they were getting the can through Mediabistro — he did the same thing to a marketing exec a few months ago, a source told New York. You never know what you’re going to get with Gooch, apparently. The Spin founder (and son of Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione Sr.) acquired Discover in 2005 and since then has cut a swath through the experienced staff there. He’s also taken to suggesting covers about questionably scientific topics like stigmata and UFOs, we hear. A call to Discover was not returned today, but if you’re looking for a job, they seem to still be taking résumés!

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Bob Guccione Jr. Prefers Backdoor Approach to Firing