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Bono Would Totally Hate Giuliani Bud Paul Singer


Enjoy our subtle Photoshop job.Photo: Getty Images (Giuliani), iStockphoto (Africa)

Over the last week, we noticed what looked like a pretty well-organized effort to smear Hillary Clinton by getting at her advisers and donors. Guess what — it works both ways. The Democrats would like to direct your attention to one Mr. Paul Singer, who is both donor and adviser to Republican presidential front-runner Rudy Giuliani. Singer runs Elliott Associates, an investment firm that specializes in so-called “vulture funds” (i.e. buying up Third World debt at a discount, thus mucking up the global issue of debt forgiveness). How unsavory, if legal, is Singer? Let the DNC count the ways…

1. Through an affiliate, bought $100 million worth of Congolese debt for $39 million … then sued dirt-poor Congo for $375 million.
2. Was the financial muscle behind the recent push to change California voting laws, which would deliver a fistful of electoral votes to the GOP.
3. Was the last person seen with Anne Gotbaum.

Okay, just the first two. But even those might be enough for Rudy to reconsider taking the Elliott Associates jet to his next stump speech.

Rudy Giuliani Campaign Funded by Vulture Funds, Democrats Say [Times of London]

Bono Would Totally Hate Giuliani Bud Paul Singer