Community Board Stymies Crobar’s Plan to Reopen


Wait, how could they improve upon this?Photo: Melissa Horn

All continues to be silent on the West Chelsea front, at least as far as Crobar is concerned. Last night Community Board 4 recommend that the State Liquor Authority not renew the darkened club’s liquor license. The board (which also recommended a denial of Pacha’s renewal application) may reconsider if Crobar submits an alteration application to show that it’s serious about plans to reduce capacity and make the club more loungy when Miami’s Opium Group takes over (it’s said they’re planning to class up the place with banquettes and 3,000 pounds of crystal and run it as an outpost of their megapopular club Mansion). Crobar’s license expires on October 31, but if the club petitions the SLA, which is currently investigating outstanding violations, an extension of the renewal application may still be possible. Sound a little byzantine? Now we know why the phrase “shut up and dance” was coined. —Daniel Maurer

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Community Board Stymies Crobar’s Plan to Reopen