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Congestion Pricing Gets Bloomberg in Trouble With … the Jews?


Mayor Bloomberg: “Do you hear something? It sounds angry and Jewish.” Mayor Livingstone: “It’s probably just Israel.”Photo: Getty Images

Have you heard? The Jews are voicing their disgust — disgust — with Michael Bloomberg! According to CBS, the mayor’s visit to London, aside from leaving the city in the hands of a shadowy nameless ruler, turned into a Jewish PR disaster: Bloomberg’s U.K. counterpart, Ken Livingstone, whom Bloomie is hoping to emulate with his congestion-pricing initiative, is apparently an anti-Semite and thinks the State of Israel shouldn’t exist. Asked whether the resulting mayor-on-mayor photo-op action may hurt Mayor Mike with his constituents back home, Assemblyman Dov Hikind gravely offered that, quote, “It doesn’t help.”

Weird thing is, when Brooklyn beep Marty Markowitz — who, being the brains behind the “Oy Vey” signage on the Williamsburg Bridge, is arguably the Jewiest New Yorker alive — ventured on Livingstone’s turf last year, the mishpocheh issued nary a peep. So could this be the congestion-pricing curse? The mayor has had a spectacular run when it comes to, well, almost everything, but mention congestion pricing and suddenly you, Michael Bloomberg, are an anti-Semite by proxy.

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Congestion Pricing Gets Bloomberg in Trouble With … the Jews?