Could ‘Gossip Girl’ Have Been Even Better?

Gossip Girl

Now, Josh, about those boobs…”Photo Courtesy CW

Well, hello there, Upper East Siders. Haven’t been thinking about Gossip Girl in a couple of days? Well, we have. We happened to pop on over to the Wikipedia page for the book series by Cecily von Ziegesar, which inspired the show. It turns out that Cecily, or perhaps just an overenthusiastic Wikipedia amateur editor, has quite the imagination. And the show’s creator, Josh Schwartz, isn’t sticking to it. It’s not just the little things that the show ignores, like the fact that Nate is supposed to have blond hair and green eyes, or that Jenny is supposed to be short and have brown hair and breasts the size of basketballs. It’s the big things, like this: “Chuck has an obnoxious pet monkey named Sweetie, who can often be found perching on his shoulder and wearing coordinated outfits.” If this is true, how could Josh Schwartz have done this to us? We are being denied a monkey in funny outfits! Now, we could read through the books and figure out whether the Wikipedia page is accurate, or we could put it to our readers. Add to this post (using our brand-new commenting feature) and tell us what we’ve been missing by not reading the books. Don’t pretend you haven’t read all of them. We saw you on Saturday night — we know how much time you put into those Blair and Serena costumes.

Gossip Girl [Wikipedia]
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Could ‘Gossip Girl’ Have Been Even Better?