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Dick Cheney Gives Al Sharpton Something to Talk About

A Flag

Well, it is kind of hard to see.Photo Courtesy Daily News

One got the feeling that noted marksman Dick Cheney’s hunting trip upstate this week was organized for the express purpose of reminding us that even in our cherished blue states, there is often red-state behavior. Although maybe even Cheney didn’t know how much? A photo by the Daily News that captured a Confederate flag hanging in the window in front of Clove Valley Gun and Rod Club has prompted everyone and Al Sharpton to rip into Cheney, who claims he didn’t actually know it was there. “The vice president did not see a flag, nor did anyone on his staff traveling with him in New York,” White House spokeswoman Megan M. Mitchell told the Times. Well, he did have a hood over his eyes and everything. Just kidding! Look, let’s be honest. There’s no way Cheney’s staff would have noticed that flag. It’s not like they have a team who go to unsecure locations to scout them out in advance or something. Plus, even if he did know it was there, it wouldn’t mean anything. Some of Cheney’s closest eighth cousins are black!

Al Sharpton Chides Dick Cheney Over Confederate Flag [NYDN]

Dick Cheney Gives Al Sharpton Something to Talk About