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Do the ‘Observer’ and Papa Trump Have an Unholy Love?

Jared and Trump

I love you, Dad.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Okay, so the Observer has been running excerpts from Donald Trump’s new book, Think Big & Kick Ass in Business and Life, on their Website every day for, you know, a week or something, and as everyone and most recently Howard Stern knows, the Observer owner Jared Kushner bones The Donald’s daughter Ivanka, and as we mentioned earlier the paper has been a little bit sycophantic to the Family Trump of late. So! Just so we’re clear, is the Observer succumbing to boy prince owner’s demands to promote his future father-in-law’s pap? Or are the daily koans of Trumpian wisdom just a big ironic joke?

This was today’s:

As a child your parents and teachers told you not to fight and to try to get along with people. They meant well, trying to protect you from the harsh realities of the world, but in the world of grown-ups, things are different … If you do not get even you are just a schmuck!”

Real-estate editor Tom Acitelli maintains it is the latter: “We’re doing it because Trump is a gloriously unending fount of self-aggrandizement,” he says. So, basically, if Tom gets fired, we’ll really find out if Jared is in bed with The Donald as he is with Ivanka.

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Do the ‘Observer’ and Papa Trump Have an Unholy Love?