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Editors Give Zinczenko Bombast an ‘F’

• Participants at the American Magazine Conference revolted against “The Magabrand Revolution,” the ostensible theme name cooked up by Men’s Health editor David Zinczenko. One editor commented, “I usually have to use ‘magabrand’ with a modifier in front of it, and that modifier starts with the letter ‘F.’” [Mixed Media/Portfolio]
• Jeff Zucker can’t stop denying those NBC sale rumors. Wethinks the lady… [Reuters]
• When they ran into each other at the Jessica Seinfeld book party, Rupert Murdoch asked Arianna Huffington how many hits HuffPo was getting. Huffington told him 3 million a month; Murdoch politely noted that MySpace, which he owns, ran closer to 70 million. [Fortune]

• No wonder newly minted MBAs are clamoring to work in private equity: The lowest-level workers at firms like Blackstone and KKR are paid $215,000 a year. [Deal Journal/WSJ]
• At least one group of Yankee finds doesn’t mind Alex Rodriguez’s decision to test his price on the open market. That’s right —Wall Street. [NYT]
• Bear Stearns cut another 300 employees, and Bank of America let go of 400. Something tells us they won’t enjoy as much luck as A-Rod on the job market. [NYP]

• Cravath beat the pack and announced the size of associate bonuses, including a sizable special bonus to be paid a month early. Because, you know, Big Law can make Christmas come twice a year if it wants to. [Above the Law]
• Bill Lerach followed through on his earlier promise and pleaded guilty in the blockbuster Milberg Weiss class-action kickbacks prosecution. [NYT]
• Shocker: Law-firm associates are actually happy! A new survey shows 45 percent are “highly satisfied,” while another 45 percent deem themselves “more or less” happy. Guess all those raises may actually have worked. [Law Blog/WSJ]

• Teenagers intimidate Vera Wang and make her feel unfashionable. [WWD]
• Is Kate Moss about to go all chavvy? Rumor has it the model’s going to appear on Eastenders. [British Vogue]
• Brand reinvention is hot, and Anne Klein leads the pack, sort of. [Portfolio]

Editors Give Zinczenko Bombast an ‘F’