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Falling Glass a Metaphor for Bank of America’s Finances?

• The debris falling off the new Bank of America tower at 42nd Street may have been metaphoric. The firm just reported steep losses, and their wannabe investment-banking unit, set to anchor the new tower, performed the worst. [MarketBeat/WSJ, Deal Journal/WSJ]
• Congrats, James Cayne — nobody wants anything to do with Bear Stearns. Contrary to reports, both Warren Buffett and China’s Citic Bank denied any interest in the bank. [DealBook/NYT]
• Today’s the real anniversary of the 1987 stock-market crash, but at least one veteran thinks parallels to the present are overblown. “The market is just like generals — everyone prepares for the last war.” [MarketBeat/WSJ]

• Kurt Eichenwald, after a year of accusations on his child-porn reporting in the Times, reveals why he forgot payments he made to a source. For more than two decades, Eichenwald hid epilepsy so severe that, according to a neurologist, he suffers from “significant memory disruptions.” [NPR]
Penthouse editor-in-chief Mark Healy was escorted out of the building after giving two weeks’ notice that he was headed back to GQ. Just one question: What kind of “escorts”? [NYP]
• If Stephen Colbert really follows through and files election papers in South Carolina, would his show then violate campaign-finance laws? [Radar]

• There’s no single way to rank top law firms, but one thing is certain: Sullivan & Cromwell leads them all. [NYT]
• Seymour Lazar became the latest lawyer to plead guilty in the Milberg Weiss case. When asked if he understood his plea, the 80-year-old Lazar responded “Totally.” [Law Blog/WSJ]
• Judge Kaplan delayed the marathon KPMG prosecution yet again and DQed Latham partner Steven Bauer due to conflicts of interest. [Law Blog/WSJ]

• Models are getting younger. In the November issue of Bazaar, children are dressed up as top designers, including an especially adorable Olivier Theyskens. [Fashion Week Daily]
• At last night’s Fashion Rocks concert, Lily Allen was accidentally introduced as model Lily Cole. But she went ahead and smmmmiiillleeed … and sang her song. [British Vogue]
• The Balenciaga blazers have finally hit stores causing women to go a little insane. One shopper, not even on the waiting list, refused to leave Harvey Nichols until they sold her one. [British Vogue]

Falling Glass a Metaphor for Bank of America’s Finances?