Fox Business Network: Full of Foxes!

FBN Girls

Clockwise from top left, Alexis Glick, Jenna Lee, Dagen McDowell,
and Rebecca Gomez.Photo Courtesy Fox Business Network

Rupert Murdoch’s new finance channel just launched its Website, and it lends a little insight into what the network will be offering up when it launches on October 15. Namely, foxy young broads!* Almost all of the on-air talent that’s plugged on the site are skinny, youthful beauties like Shibani Joshi (a former model in India), Cheryl Casone (a former flight attendant), Jenna Lee (she played Division One softball in college), and Nicole Petillades (she loves slalom waterskiing!). And the best part is some of the foxy young broads are dudes! Reporter Colin McShane (he has 45 first cousins!) is a total DILF, and Cody Willard (he writes songs for a band called Museum of the Horse) has the glorious eyes and hair of a young Jennifer Connelly. Needless to say, we cannot wait until this network debuts. We want to see how long it will take them to fire Neil Cavuto for not being “leggy” enough.

Fox Business Network [Launch site]
* Every one of these “foxy young broads” is extremely well qualified as a hard-working journalist. We’re just trying to imagine why Rupert hired them.

Fox Business Network: Full of Foxes!