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William Unroch


This morning we received an e-mail from our new favorite person, William J. Unroch. For those just tuning in, William is the lawyer representing the 23-year-old model who the other day filed a suit against banker and Clinton friend Jeffrey Epstein claiming he asked her to perform “bizarre” sex acts at the tender age of 16. It’s a curious case, not least because William, 57, is not only the plaintiff’s lawyer, but also her boyfriend. He’s also a modeling agent, a prolific blogger, and now, possibly, a healer? A modern Renaissance man!

From: William Unroch [redacted]

Sent: Friday, October 19, 2007 12:58:49 AM


Subject: I am delighted

That you have shown the wisdom to continue reading Unroch’s blog. I hope you will follow the blog stories carefully including the new ones since your comments. The spirit world requires constant study. By reading the blog daily you will inoculate yourself from leprosy, st viral dance, blueberry plague, false profits (eye of a needle and all that) and the terrors of western yogurt. Be happy

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From the Desk of William J. Unroch