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Giuliani Begins Returning $9.11 Checks

Rudy Giuliani

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You know how Rudy’s been hating on the Big Apple all over the place lately? Well, it looks like he’s making at least a slight effort this week to make nice. After New Yorkers (and others) became outraged that a California supporter threw a fund-raiser for him asking for donations in the denomination of $9.11, the Giuliani campaign quietly began returning the checks. It’s a small gesture (literally — how much money could he have raised? If 200 people sent in checks, that’s still well under the maximum amount one person can donate alone), but it’s something. Is he finally recognizing how offensive it is for him to try to own the September 11 tragedy? Is he taking note that if his home city finishes turning against him, he’ll have a hard time convincing people that he has a great mayoral legacy? Does this signify personal growth on his part? Eh, probably not. It’s just $9.11, people.

Giuliani Camp Returning $9.11 Donor Checks [HuffPo]

Giuliani Begins Returning $9.11 Checks