‘Gossip Girl’ Star Chace Crawford Apparently Not Worried About His Truck

Chace Crawford

Gossip Girl star Chace CrawfordPhoto: Getty Images

At the memorial service for former movie critic Joel Siegel, ABC anchor Charles Gibson noted that the Jewish Siegel sent the best Christmas cards. Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford got cozy with a “rude and nasty” Carrie Underwood at Marquee and a party at Soho Grand (not “Chance” Crawford, as reported by “Page Six”). Vanessa and Donald Trump Jr. dined at Gemma and drank at the Rose Bar in the Gramercy Park Hotel. Cindy Adams claims that members of John Edwards’s camp are “profoundly worried” about the recent allegations that Edwards strayed on his wife. David Lauren and Lauren Bush arrived via motorcycle to the Domino Bazaar Saturday.

Two scantily clad chicks threw a fit in the lobby of Shore Club in Miami after spending the night with Derek Jeter and being charged for parking the next morning. Jessica Biel, on the other hand, laughed and ate dinner at the Waverly Inn with five girlfriends. Waiters at the wedding of Gillian Hearst-Shaw and Christian Simonds spilled Champagne down the groom’s back. Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, and Natalie Portman all told jokes at the American Cinemateque Awards in honor of Julia Roberts. IAC honcho Barry Diller will hand out the diplomas tonight to this year’s crops of David Rockefeller Fellows graduates. Hilary Swank will be playing Amelia Earhart in an upcoming biopic. Two Florida women who had filed charges against Joe Francis for videotaping them without permission recanted and issued an apology. (Francis, though, is still in jail in Nevada on tax-evasion charges). Michelle Rodriguez, set to begin a DUI jail sentence on Christmas Eve, got her drink on in Vegas. The father of Linda Evangelista’s 1-year-old child may be Salma Hayek’s fiancé, François-Henri Pinault. Paul McCartney will sing the British national anthem in honor of former Prime Minister Tony Blair at the 62nd annual Al Smith Dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria. Times book editor Chip McGrath wrote a flattering review of Shalom Auslander’s new tome, despite the fact that his daughter is an executive editor at the publishing house that put out the book. The photographer who may have been trying to sell nude photographs of an underage Kim Kardashian and her sister is cooperating with the FBI. Guns ‘N Roses guitarist Slash says he spent most of his time on the road in the eighties trying to avoid getting an STD. Liz Smith likes Mike Nichol’s upcoming Charlie Wilson’s War because she can “actually understand what the actors are saying.”

‘Gossip Girl’ Star Chace Crawford Apparently Not Worried About His Truck