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Hearst CEO’s Mom Thinks He May Have An Oedipus Complex

Victor Ganzi

Victor Ganzi can’t imagine how a guy
younger than him would want to date his mom.Photo: Patrick McMullan

One of the best things about how much longer people are living these days is that old people are able to get up to so many more high jinks! This week the Village Voice goes to old folks central, Florida, to go for a spin in a Mercedes with Gertrude Ganzi, the 84-year-old mom of Hearst CEO Victor Ganzi. Apparently, Victor and his brothers are involved in a lawsuit against their mother over the family trust. (Their father was one of the founders of the Palm, so it’s a trust worth fighting over.)

Gertrude — “Gert” — hooked up with her 59-year-old chauffeur after her husband died, and now they’re married. Personally, we think that’s kind of awesome. But Victor and his brothers? Not so much. They say he’s using her for her money. Of course, Gert’s been with the guy for ten years now, which makes them less of a Britney-Kevin couple and more of a Demi-Ashton. So why don’t the Brothers Ganzi lighten up? “Sometimes I think they’re jealous,” Gertrude tells the Voice. Okay, now that is creepy actually.

Hearst CEO Sues His Mommy [VV]

Hearst CEO’s Mom Thinks He May Have An Oedipus Complex