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Hearst Proud of Creating International Race of Fembots

George Green

Photo: Patrick McMullan

It probably seems like we’ve got Hearst in our crosshairs, what with linking to that Village Voice story yesterday about CEO Victor Ganzi suing his mom, and the bit about the elevators down below. Well, what can we say? They’re kinda pushing our buttons over there this week. What’s sticking in our craw now is an interview we just read with the CEO of Hearst International, George Green, in the Financial Times. George is pleased — too pleased for our liking — that Cosmo has introduced women across the globe to such universal tools as the velvet-scrunchie hand-job trick and created a global market for slutwear. “If you walk down the street here on Eighth Avenue or in Beijing or Singapore, women look the same,” he marvels. “They’re wearing the same jeans, they’re listening to the same music. They don’t want to be American but they want to be more like their American sister than ever before.” And that’s not all! Cosmo has also been a catalyst for encouraging freedom of the press in Asia, the FT tells us. “Mr. Green has chosen to give an extraordinary amount of autonomy to editors in places such as China and Kazakhstan, allowing them to determine whether the word “orgasm” can appear on their covers and other sensitivities,” they gush. “‘I don’t have any intention of changing that,’ Mr. Green says.” Great! By the way, in Kazakhstan they’re calling it “MEHЯТъ Cowgirl.”

Why Hearst Has Reason to Thank the Global Cosmopolitan Woman[FT]

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Hearst Proud of Creating International Race of Fembots