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Hillary and Rudy Snub Cardinal Egan, Tony Blair

Cardinal Egan

Cardinal Egan, sad.Photo: AFP/Getty Images

The fact that the two leading candidates for president are New York statesmen should have been a boon for this year’s Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, which is one of the most prestigious Catholic events of the year in New York. The Times City Room blog reports that even though Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Spitzer, Senator Schumer, and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair will be in the house tonight, Rudy and Hillary both turned down their invitations. The nerve! Okay, we understand why Rudy wouldn’t want to show his face — he gets a lot of heat from the Church about his stance on abortion, and also he’s been kind of a jerk about New York lately. Plus, he’s already had his photo op with the Brits. But Hillary? Cardinal Egan has stood up for her in the past, saying he is her “friend” despite her support of pro-choice federal policies. So what gives? Why the snub? Is it the hat? Oh, God, it’s the hat, isn’t it?

A Lower Profile for the Al Smith Dinner

Hillary and Rudy Snub Cardinal Egan, Tony Blair