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Hillary Clinton Will Eat Your Nobel Prize for Breakfast

Hillary Clinton

Hillary and Al, loving.Photo: Getty Images

Today when you got up, you were probably going on with your normal routine when someone (the Today show, NPR, your annoyingly bright-eyed roommate) told you that Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize. You’d heard he was in the running, but you still maybe thought to yourself, “Wait, really?” Then you probably wondered, “Huh, will he run for president now?” When you logged on to your computer at work, you realized that EVERY SINGLE NEWS OUTLET IN AMERICA was wondering the same thing. Except Al Gore says he doesn’t want to run, very clearly. And CNN says it knows why: because the power of the Nobel Prize is no match for the unstoppable might of Hillary Clinton! “Gore would have given serious consideration to a run if Clinton’s campaign had run into problems,” reports CNN’s Website, quoting a source. “But he has concluded her momentum is unstoppable.” Wow, Al Gore thinks she’s unstoppable? This is a guy who wouldn’t give up his battle for the presidency even after he lost the election. If he thinks it’s not worth fighting New York’s junior senator, is it time for everyone else to give up, too? Also, isn’t it cute how CNN uses a gossipy anonymous source for this story? Cable news, it’s just like Us!

Nobel Prize Likely to Increase Pressure on Gore to Run [CNN]

Hillary Clinton Will Eat Your Nobel Prize for Breakfast