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Holly Dunlap to Invade Men’s Footwear

Holly Dunlap

Yeah, we know.Photo: Getty Images

Big news from one of our favorite designers and drinking-enthusiasts: Holly Dunlap, creator of the Hollywould luxury line of women’s shoes, clothing, and accessories, is launching a men’s line. She’ll start with shoes (just the way she began her foray into women’s preppywear), but who knows where it’ll go from there? We’ve always hoped that Holly would expand her empire, because she just deserves more attention. This is a lady who once posed with fur protesters who were waving pictures of her own head skewered on sticks, because the photos of her severed head were “really flattering.” “Frankly, I think it’s smart to go to fashion parties and get drunk!” she told the Observer at the time. Dunlap, the former head designer for Lilly Pulitzer, is a society-event staple and has been reprimanded by police after impromptu parties in her Nolita boutique spilled out onto the street. We’re not even sure we care about the shoes (ballet flats for men? Not a joke), come to think of it. We kind of just want to hang out with her.

Hollywould Goes for Guys [Fashionista]

Holly Dunlap to Invade Men’s Footwear