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Jay Leno Thinking of Jumping Ship to Fox?

Jay Leno

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Over the summer, Variety reported on the ways in which NBC was going to try to keep Jay Leno after his contract ran out in 2009, which sparked talk that he might actually stay at the Tonight Show for longer. NBC would do anything to keep him away from a rival channel, including alienating his anointed successor, Conan O’Brien. But today Cindy Adams hints that NBC’s worst nightmares may come true. “Jay Leno is not about to retire. Going quietly into the night to sit home and watch his missus Mavis fold bananas into the Jell-O, he ain’t,” she writes. “He is definitely — definitely — moving to another network. Friends think he’s making a big money deal. But, he says, he’s not one to follow the money. He’s one to follow the access. The best TV airtime. The best spot. The morning line, 2-to-1, is Fox.” If you sift through the verbal effluvium (bananas? Missus? Ain’t?), you’ll see Adams is trying to tell us that Leno’s going to join the dark forces of Rupert. Which would be a step down in stature for him but might be a step up in eye candy. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. He can finally join his long-lost twin, the American Dad!

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Jay Leno Thinking of Jumping Ship to Fox?