Joe Bruno Thinks Albany Stalemate Is Funny

Joe Bruno

Photo: AP

Joe Bruno thinks the stalemates in Albany, partially caused by his own grandstanding, are funny. TV and radio reporter Penny Crone is turning in the mike for a broker’s license. Jessica Seinfeld may have plagiarized some of her recipes. Ron Burkle, like all rich people, still gets a mortgage when he buys a house. Steve Stoute is about to make a whole lot of money on the sale of his company. The Clintons are about to ruin somebody’s wedding.

Robert De Niro was just as rude to a comedian as he is to everybody else. Time managing editor Eric Schurenberg wishes they’d called the magazine Dirty Sexy Money. Cindy Adams knows her presidential candidates. Fashionistas walked out on Valentino’s runway show in London. Photog Markus Klinko has filed a $100 million defamation lawsuit against a romantic rival who allegedly called him “a lunatic” who’s “on the brinko.” An aspiring singer took the mike from Wyclef Jean at a concert in Vail and sang one of his own songs.

Joe Bruno Thinks Albany Stalemate Is Funny