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Josh Hamilton, Diviner of Pot

Josh Hamilton

As Jesus created loaves and fishes from nothing;
so doeth Josh Hamilton with weed. Photo: Getty Images

Josh Hamilton was our dream boyfriend back when we first saw Kicking and Screaming — the Noah Baumbach movie, not the Will Ferrell movie — and it turns out he is still cute! Kinda mangy beard, though. Which may or may not be related to his preternatural ability to find pot. “I’ve always had this weird thing where I find drugs on the street; I think I just look down a lot,” he told Gothamist. Really? We look down a lot, and all we see is smushed gum and tumbleweaves. Tell us more!

This one time I think I was in sixth grade and I was walking home from my junior high school on 17th [S]treet. And I noticed these shady guys putting one bag into another bag and then putting it into a garbage can in a kind of weird way. So I watched them do that and then go into a corner store. My friend and I then opened the garbage can and discovered that it was a big paper bag filled with ounces of pot. We stuffed it into my knapsack and ran down into the subway and looked at what we had. And I mean it as a lot of pot. I wasn’t a big smoker then but we kept our junior high school high for the whole year. That could probably happen in a lot of places other than New York but that was a very New York experience for me. The guys were literally two doors away in a store for one second and I always kind of felt bad about how much trouble they must have gotten into. That’s typical me: I do shit like that and then worry about the drug dealers.”

Right. Well, those guys probably got shot in the face. But Josh shouldn’t feel too bad. He will soon be starring in Ethan Hawke’s play, so it’s kind of like the universe has realigned itself.

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Josh Hamilton, Diviner of Pot