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It Happened

It’s Q-Tip, people.Photo: Henry S. Dziekan III/Retna

For one week, our left-leaning metropolis tilted slightly to the right. Former mayor Rudy Giuliani reminisced fondly about the time he chucked Yasser Arafat out of Lincoln Center, and Fred Thompson spoke to city conservatives. Briefly disgraced chatterbox Don Imus reportedly secured a new deal that will put him on WABC, replacing lefty lawyer Ron Kuby, while rumors of a right-wing attack on Air America host Randi Rhodes proved to be somewhat exaggerated. (She actually fell on 39th Street.)

Mayor Bloomberg denied any interest in Governor Spitzer’s job and dismissed Spitzer’s painful autumn as “teething problems.” The governor appealed to the parents of well-heeled toddlers by floating a $1,000 income-tax credit toward private-school tuition. The Yankees offered Joe Torre one more year; the manager said no, thanks. Police busted JFK baggage-claim workers who were allegedly carrying on a heroin- and cocaine-smuggling scheme, while Attorney General Andrew Cuomo leaned on Facebook to make it a little tougher for perverts to troll for teens. A group of city cops was strong-armed into taking a test for steroids after suspicious records were found at a Bay Ridge pharmacy.

An Upper West Side dog-walker was accused of walking off with his 84-year-old client’s identity (and $57,000). A Manhattan lawyer unhappy with the centerpieces at her wedding sued her florist for $400,000. Diddy sought an out-of-court solution after allegedly punching an acquaintance, while Nets star Jason Kidd was whistled for allegedly goosing a woman at Tenjune. Claire Danes faced the critics in her Broadway debut as Eliza Doolittle, and Price Is Right fans thrilled to Drew Carey’s debut playing Plinko. While the CMJ rocktoberfest kicked off with Q-Tip, Bruce Springsteen sold out the Garden. And finally, it was announced that Cosimo Cavallaro’s chocosculpture My Sweet Lord will return to its Chelsea Gallery home — just in time for Halloween. —Mark Adams

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