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Maddox, Actually

Maddox Jolie

Au revoir, Maddox. Photo: Wire Image

Spencer Morgan, Maddox Jolie’s erstwhile biographer, reports in today’s Observer that after only six weeks, “Mad” has left the Lycée Français. No, he wasn’t driven out by the hordes of camera-clutching Upper East Side parents or kicked out because he was crappy at French or even trying to escape the unrelenting pen of modelizer turned kiderazzi Morgan. He’s just going along with the rest of his family to L.A. while Angelina films The Changeling, and it’s looking like they may not be back. The Brangelinas were supposedly about to take residence in the Waldorf Tower, but would they really pay $100,000 a month if they’re not actually living there? Well, actually maybe yes. But is it possible that Jennifer Aniston saying she was thinking about moving back east caused them to flee back to California? We’d say also probably yes. But most important, won’t his girlfriend’s heart be broken? It’ll be just like that scene in Love, Actually! Except maybe not. “At this age,” the Observer’s “exclusive” Maddox source tells them, “the girls and boys don’t really care about each other.” That’s not age, lady. That’s just Hollywood.

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Maddox, Actually