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Marc Jacobs and Suzy Menkes End Feud by Exchanging Valentines

Marc and Suzy

Suzy Menkes and Marc Jacobs. And, dude, is that Princess Toadstool in the background?Photo: Patrick McMullan

You know how we were all psyched that Marc Jacobs and Suzy Menkes’s feud was going to become an epic fashion battle to the death? Well, apparently, like all exciting trends, it’s fizzled out as quickly as it flared up. At the Louis Vuitton show in Paris this weekend, Jacobs (who artistically directs the luxury brand’s clothing and accessories) left Menkes a T-shirt on her assigned seat, tied up with a lovely bow, reports Fashion Week Daily. The shirt showed a drawing of Menkes and Jacobs together, and though reporters couldn’t see the writing on it, Jacobs smilingly called it “a love letter.” Menkes, in return, wrote a cautiously warm review of the LV show in her International Herald Tribune column. “The clothes were colorful, if chaotic,” she explains. “[They] took what the music business would describe as ‘samplings’ of existing pieces, putting them randomly together, often to fine effect.” Doesn’t sound too fawning to you? Compared to her coverage of the Marc Jacobs show in New York, which she called “a freak’s costume party,” we’d say this easily qualifies as her version of a love letter.

Chic Report: Suzy and Marc Make Up With a Love Letter! [Fashion Week Daily]
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Marc Jacobs and Suzy Menkes End Feud by Exchanging Valentines